SEIDE A CRO – 19-03-2023

Crowdfunding co to? Crowdfunding to połączenie dwóch słów – crowd – tłum i funding – finansowanie. Można przełożyć je jako finansowanie społecznościowe, czyli sytuację, w której twórca jakiegoś projektu prosi internautów o wsparcie, oferując im w zamian pewne korzyści. pic.twitter.com/6aYafzR9gJ — Fundacja im. Zofii Zamenhof (@ZofiaZamenhof) March 17, 2023

SEIDE A CRO – 27-02-2023

What are the advantages of using #crowdfunding for sustainable #social entrepreneurship initiatives seeking funds? Flexibility Community Engagement Democratization of finance Thanks to these features, crowdfunding has proven to be a beneficial tool for low-skilled and low-qualified adults to access finance and run their project idea successfully.

SEIDE A CRO – 21-02-2023

We continue working on Supporting #sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives in the digital era: crowdfunding toolbox “SEIDE@CRO” project. What is the project about? Our efforts aim to support sustainable social #entrepreneurship initiatives in the digital era by providing knowledge, skills and digital tools. Expected results: Thanks to acquiring these skills, we aim to launch successful #crowdfunding …

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SEIDE A CRO – 31-01-2023

Crowdfunding platforms Why are these platforms good? They use technological means to minimize their costs and offer high profitability along with the best possible user experience. They can be a source of income for anyone, regardless of how much money they have, even if they have no previous investment experience. https://www.dotbg.bg/article/6919007

SEIDE A CRO – 28-01-2023

An article in a major Polish newspaper about Crowdfunding describing its benefits The newspaper presents a report on crowdfunding conducted by the Association of Financial Companies in Poland https://www.rp.pl/finanse/art35728211-crowdfunding-w-polsce-wystrzelil-duze-pieniadze-plyna-z-sieci

SEIDE A CRO – 27-01-2023

Today, Friday, January 27, an online meeting was held in the project SEIDE@CRO. We discussed the results of project work and the ways of disseminating them. All partners are going to Warsaw on May 15 and 16 for a project meeting 

SEIDE A CRO – 18-12-2022

The National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria together with the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University organized an online one-day course on the topic: crowdfunding. The lecturer from the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Todor Yalamov, presented limitations, mainly negative experience in Bulgaria and the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs. The topic of crowdfunding is part …

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