About Us

SEIDE@CRO is an Erasmus+ cooperation project among organisations from 5 different countries. Main aim of the project is to support sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives in digital era through providing for low-skilled or low-qualified adults knowledge, skills and digital tools for organising and realising a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for project, introducing sustainable social initiatives. Project oriented on supporting of low-skilled or low-qualified adults who plan to realize sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives/projects to improve their quality life, solve some social-economic problem using crowdfunding. This target group needs easy to use, simple to know and accessible, but modern learning tools, especially the distance format. At the same time, they need finance for their project and want to understand how to build effective crowdfunding campaigns. 


HIGGS – Greece

HIGGS is a non-profit organization which aims to reinforce CSOs in Greece through educational and supportive
programs including adults sector. It offers capacity building support to small and medium CSOs mainly through training and educational initiatives. Currently it operates three capacity-building programs, the Accelerator, the Incubator and the Recharge designed for the Greek CSO ecosystem assisting them in their growth and development.

website: https://higgs3.org

NAMCB – Bulgaria

NAMCB is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization uniting civil servants working in municipal and regional administrations in Bulgaria. The organization has more than 360 regular and associated members and more than 1,600 active supporters and volunteers all over the county. The organization works a long time with key Bulgarian and international experts in adults sector in areas such as public administration, adult and youth education, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, anti-corruption, etc.

website: https://namcb-org.bg

Zofia Zamenhof Foundation – Poland

Zofia Zamenhof Foundation aims at propagating the idea of freedom, the rules of democracy, cultural diversity and
tolerance. Throughout our work, we want to show how to solve social problems. We want to contribute to increase the
level of education of various social groups in countries where we are going to run our work and to have an influence on the integration processes between nations.

website: https://zofiazamenhof.pl


The European Crowdfunding Network, based in Brussels, is a professional network promoting adequate transparency,
(self) regulation and governance while offering a combined voice in policy discussion and public opinion building. We support our members in carrying initiatives aimed at innovating, representing, promoting and protecting the European Crowdfunding industry.

website: https://eurocrowd.org

KBS – Ukraine

KBS is one of the historically first private business schools operating on the Ukrainian market since 2000. Well known in Ukraine for its methodological rigor and innovativeness KBS has transformed from just regular business education
subsidiary of an average university to independent network of 50 highly experienced faculty, consultants, and
businessmen delivering state-of-art educational solutions to corporate clients as well as to individuals pursuing career advances related to graduation from MBA/EMBA-type programs. KBS’s important feature is its continuous project-based involvement in surrounding business and social community’s life. KBS has strong focus on adult education.

website: https://www.facebook.com/kbs.kiev.ua