SEIDE A CRO – 06-12-2023

💬 The piloting procedure of the E-Learning Course is nearing completion. The consortium of the project invited low-skilled or low-qualified adults who want to improve their lives using crowdfunding and people in general who are interested in crowdfunding, to participate in the evaluation process and provide us with their useful input.
➡ Individuals from Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belgium, and Poland have assessed our E-Learning Course, “Crowdfunding in Action: How to raise money for Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives.” We will now proceed with analyzing and implementing any necessary modifications based on their feedback. The input received from our target groups is consistently beneficial for the project and the consortium, since it helps to elevate this project into a highly influential endeavor.
SEIDE A CRO project intends to assist sustainable social entrepreneurial activities in the digital age by equipping low-skilled or low-qualified individuals with information, skills, and digital tools for planning and implementing crowdfunding campaigns to generate funds for projects, as well as proposing sustainable social initiatives.
Stay tuned and informed about the ongoing progress of the SEIDE A CRO project development.