SEIDE A CRO – 31-10-2023

💬 SEIDE A CRO project intends to assist sustainable social entrepreneurial activities in the digital age by equipping low-skilled or low-qualified individuals with information, skills, and digital tools to propose sustainable social initiatives.
Throughout the project lifetime, 3 main results will be produced:
Best Practice Reports on “Crowdfunding for supporting sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives”.
The e-learning course “Crowdfunding in Action: How to Raise Money for Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives”.
Currently the SEIDE A CRO consortium is working on the development of the 3rd result which is the development of the SEIDE A CRO– chat bot in social media: digital assistance for crowdfunding campaigns creation.
To provide automation, streamlining, and structuring of the process involved in preparing a crowdfunding campaign. The primary emphasis is on promoting sustainable development and addressing social issues.
Stay tuned and informed about the ongoing progress of the SEIDE@CRO project development.
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