SEIDE A CRO – 24-04-2023

🌟 Stay ahead of the game with our latest insights into the world of crowdfunding! Here are some important trends to keep in mind when it comes to reward-based crowdfunding:
1️⃣ Reward-based crowdfunding occurs when a firm (often a start-up) seeks pre-seed and seed money via an online platform and provides investors with a gift or ‘perk’ in exchange for their financial contribution. Pre-sales are transactions in which people, initiatives, or businesses raise funds from bankers in exchange for a non-monetary incentive. It allows organizations to interact and build on an existing network and solicit that can be used. This type of crowdsourcing is typically appropriate for early-stage businesses or specialized projects.
2️⃣The pandemic resulted in increased contributions and reward-based crowdfunding incidents targeted at assisting those impacted by the worldwide pandemic. The number of COVID-19 reward-based crowdfunding campaigns created by various persons (including citizens, commercial organizations, foundations, charities, and trusts) throughout the European continent increased significantly.
3️⃣According to Indiegogo, Inc., hardware and technology crowdfunding is expected to gain popularity in Japan. Last year, Indieogo collaborated with small and large campaigners to assist entrepreneurial brands in reaching new audiences and testing small batches of new goods. According to Forbes Japan, Japanese entrepreneurs raised almost USD 7,000 million last year, expected to rise to USD 10,000 million annually in a few years.
4️⃣Reward-based crowdfunding, which does not include making an investment in or a loan to a company, carries inherent risks. In many instances, it has transformed into a sales channel where the gift is the product bought with the contribution, thereby giving the gift’s price in return.
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These insights are from the Crowdfunding Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2023-2028) report:…/crowdfunding-market…
Photo: Pexels