SEIDE A CRO – 19-07-2023

🗣We are thrilled to share our 5th and last insightful video interview conducted in Ukraine, featuring the European project SEIDE@CRO.
Our video interview in Ukraine provides important information on crowdfunding and campaigns from crowdfunding practitioners who have successfully run campaigns in Ukraine.
Everyone who has an interest in crowdfund or anyone who is just curious on crowdfunding fields and initiatives can please check our interviewed videos.
Throughout the project’s lifespan, 5 crowdfunding video interviews were developed to empower adults with information and skills on how to plan and carry out crowdfunding campaigns to gather funds for long-term social entrepreneurship activities.
⬇Watch our short video interviews on crowdfunding in Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, and Poland to discover all there is to know about crowdfunding and crowdfund campaigns.
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