SEIDE A CRO – 13-06-2023

💡If you’re a newcomer entrepreneur, a community activist, or just someone who wants to make a difference, the SEIDE@CRO video interviews are a must-see! We have recently produced engaging videos containing the results of interviews with outstanding practitioners who successfully managed crowdfunding campaigns as part of the SEIDE@CRO program!
Throughout the course of our project’s implementation, we interviewed practitioners who had established crowdfunding campaigns and had overcome obstacles, with support from their networks, and achieved exceptional success via their crowdfunding efforts. Their experiences will inspire and push you to pursue your own social efforts, using the power of the public to effect positive change.
🗣Now is the time to watch the SEIDE Crowdfunding Toolbox video from Belgium, in the English language, and go on a journey to uncover the possibilities of crowdfunding for long-term social projects.
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