SEIDE A CRO – 09-02-2023

We introduce the project partners. 🙂
Today, Zofia Zamenhof Foundation from Poland
The Zofia Zamenhof Foundation aims to promote the idea of freedom, democratic principles, cultural diversity and tolerance. Through our work, we want to show how to solve social problems. We want to contribute to raising the level of education of various social groups in the countries where we will conduct our work and have an impact on integration processes between nations. We are convinced that it is an education that gives a chance for development and reduces social differences. Intercultural dialogue is possible thanks to education. Therefore, our work is also aimed at education and training, also in the aspect of international cooperation.
The Foundation deals with educational and scientific activities related to entrepreneurship, social issues and reducing unemployment. Great emphasis is placed on cooperation with other EU and Eastern Partnership countries as well as cooperation with educational institutions of various levels.